Carmen Ordonez – Advertising & Fashion Photographer

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about me

Mallorcan born Carmen studied for a degree in Image, Sound and Photography at Universidad SEK.

Working as Technical Director in television Carmen came to realise that she wanted to spend the rest of her life working in photography.

Now an established international photographer working for clients across Europe – Carmen specialises in shooting children and families for leading fashion designers.

She takes inspiration from the world around her – people on the streets and metro, museums such as Reina Sofia in Madrid and of course the works of Picasso.

Carmen loves to travel and take inspiration from new places as much as she loves to return home to the blue skies of Mallorca.

Her newest inspiration is her baby boy!

Clients include: Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Moschino, GXG Kids, Novel Walk, Tiny Cottons and Iceberg.

Editorials regularly appear in Milk Magazine, Lemon, Forever Young, Vein, Mujer Hoy and Yo Dona.