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about me

Photography is pretty much in Leonie’s DNA. Growing up in Holland and Sweden she was fascinated by her Dad’s cameras and went on to study Fine Art in London graduating with a first class honours degree – specialising in photography & film making.

From assisting music photographers at PYMCA, she went on to work as a picture editor and art director for numerous magazines and companies including Ministry Of Sound, Elle, Grazia and Sunday Times Style.

Leonie spent her evenings and weekends photographing youth culture scenes including rockabillies, cabaret performers, emo teenagers and gypsy teens at horse fairs amongst others. Giving in to her passion for photography Leonie left the ‘day job’ got behind the lens and has since become a creative force in fashion photography shooting kids, teens and womens’ fashion.

Youth culture continues to inform much of her work with kids and teens and she is happiest developing her ideas in collaboration with amazing stylists and HMU artists. Clients include Zara Kids, River Island, Boden, Long Live the Queen and Mothercare Global. Her editorials regularly appear in Milk Japan, Milk, Luna, Hooligans and ET Magazine.

Leonie is a mum of two, lives in London and can often be found in thrift stores all over the world.