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Commercial & Editorial

About Me

Hours spent in his Dad’s darkroom, aged 16, printing images of local actors convinced Mark that photography was his chosen path. Inspired by The Face Magazine’s arrival and his very first commision – a portrait of photographer Horst P Horst – Mark has gone on to build an award wining career.

From Sir David Attenborough to Emma Watson and Prince Andrew (yes for that interview) he has a unique ability to capture revealing portraits often in the most challenging of places and circumstances. There are not many famous (or infamous) people he hasn’t photographed for magazines, entertainment, advertising and even book covers.

Clients include Spotify, BBC Creative, ITV, Times Magazine, Faber & Faber, Barclays and Burberry. A collection of his work is on permanent display at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

When not shooting the great, the good (and the plain odd) Mark can be found in the junk fairs of Sussex looking for collectibles and curiosities.