Annah Segarra – Advertising and Fashion Art Director and Stylist




About Me

With an artist for a mother and music lover for a father Annah lived a world full of creativity and passion. Inspired by cinema, music and travel Annah went on to study fashion and costume design. Discovering the world of kids fashion with all it’s freshness and naturalness gave her a way to express her unique point of view and connect again with her younger self.

Annah’s advertising clients include Emporio Armani, Iceberg. Tuctuc, Geox, OVS, Pinko up and Next. She is the fashion Editor of the new international kids magazine ‘Lemon’ and her editorials appear in leading kids fashion publications such as Elle Kids, Milk, Kid’s Wear Magazine and Hooligans.

Annah is based in Spain and works all over Europe. When not working Annah can be found mainly dancing!