Ian Boddy – Advertising & Fashion Photographer

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Trying not to take life too seriously, Ian is never happier than when he’s working, always keeping things fun and the energy high, surrounded by his amazing teams.

He shoots for clients worldwide including Versace, River Island, Joules, Boden & John Lewis amongst others, he sure does love to travel!

Away from a camera, he keeps fit at his local boxing club and adores riding anything with 2 wheels, loves a good paddleboard….’what’s SUP?!’ and is a keen but not very good skier, unlike his children who are amazing.

He helps to coach children’s rugby at his local club, has one tattoo and a big beard that is 10 years old and counting.

Ian lives in London with his wife and their children and 2 little black Yorkies.

Ian has amazing energy and the kids seem to love him for some reason!