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About Me

Katrina Tang is a talented and award-winning photographer from Estonia, who approaches her work with authenticity and a love for storytelling. The early joy of capturing her friends and family with disposable cameras developed into a career which at times has seemed pre-ordained.

Katrina’s keen instincts and unique vision have led her to create a stunning portfolio, taking her on an incredible journey and earning her recognition worldwide.

Her advertising and commercial clients include prestigious brands such as Gucci, Škoda, Aptamil, Clarks, and Harrods. Editorial credits include The Times and Milk Magazine and her work continues to feature in numerous exhibitions and publications globally.

Dedicated to capturing the fading charm of rural schools or the beauty and simplicity of everyday life in her personal projects – Katrina’s beautiful eye for detail and sense of empathy reflect throughout her work.

Free time is spent with her young family, sharing stories, enjoying nature and even a spot of ice swimming!